Strong language is involved in the following audio clips.
Do not listen, if you are under 18 years of age, or are
offended more by dirty words, than dirty cops..

Repeated hate crimes, and death threat
by possible serial killer, protected by
cops, regardless of previous criminal record?
Part 1
American terrorist attack on innocent
peace-loving bicyclist, and violation of
sacred God-given human rights?
Part 2
Cops sponsored(?) organized hate
crime and terrorism.
Part 3
Me attempting to preserve my precious
evidence, memory, and possible witnesses
refused by cops?
Part 4
Bikeman terrorized by American terrorist
wearing stolen police uniform(?) at Bay
County, Florida public library?
Bikeman terrorized by business lawbreaker
who is protected by American terrorist, wearing
stolen police uniform(?)
Bikeman stonewalled by the
Governor, and Lt Governor's office?
America's Most Busted ?
State representative run-around?
(Panama City, Florida)
Are state representatives afraid of the cops?
Or are  the state representatives in the
pockets of the cops?
Government racketeering in progress ?
U.S.C.18 241-242 (In cop's manuals)
Is Crimestoppers involved in
protecting the guilty ?
More idiot Clownz, caught derelict in
their duties?
Bikeman harassed by 3 Idiot Clown Turkeys
on Thanksgiving Day, 2008.
Bikeman circumnavigates a Bay County
stonewall, and is blocked by another.
Bikeman takes down the Bay County Clerk of
Court, citing holes in their plot.
Bay County Clownz force outright refuse to arrest
boom-car wielding felons
Clownz using more stall tactics in apprehending Danny
Pipas and Boom Car operators.