Is this really necessary? Is this really necessary?

You've seen them... cruising down the road, slapping out thunderous bass at totally unnecessary decibel levels.
A harmless pass-time?  Far from it!  It is a proven scientific FACT that these "Boom Cars" are producing sounds at such low frequencies, it alters brain function in anyone unfortunate enough to be near them.  And in some cases, the frequencies produced have been known to cause physical PAIN in some people.  It's also known to incite violence!

But it's not like its against the law, right?  WRONG!  In most major cities, it is actually a crime to use a vehicle's audio system to influence human entities into pain or violence... in fact, in some cities, this is dealt with as not just a crime, but also as an act of terrorism! 

The worst part of all, is that your local police department will do NOTHING to save you from this terror! They will claim that they "hear them, but have never actually seen them".  And in many cases, some of your own neighborhood "Idiot Clownz" are partaking of this same crime, once off duty!

Where will this madness end?  When will someone besides myself have the testosterone to stand up against these offenders, and say: "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore" ?  Who will stand with me, and be part of the solution, instead on sitting on your hands and being part of the problem?