Rampant Card Sharks
Bay County?

If a card shark cheats someone out of their life savings, have they truly won?
No … he has cheated himself out of trust, respect, believability, and possibly His immortal soul.

This is what has happened to The Bikeman.

Instead of getting his constitutionally guaranteed swift and speedy trial, the powers that be of
Bay County subjected The Bikeman to multiple months of confinement in a state mental hospital,
with dangerous individuals, experimental drugs, food and sleep deprivation, in an attempt to silence him.

When a government does things like this, just because they can, they lose our trust, respect, believability,
and possibly their immortal souls.  Had it not been for the selfless actions of a handful of  good people,
The Bikeman might still be in that place, or worse.

What is Bay County government hiding, that they would risk everything to keep The Bikeman from talking?
Perhaps all the crimes they have committed over the years?  The crimes they are STILL committing to this very day?

There is much on this website alone, that could put many Bay County officials, and their “Idiot Clownz” cronies
behind bars for years to come…. yet they still walk the streets?  What’s going on here?  Something is rotten in
the State of Florida, and it smells a lot like organized crime in Bay County.