How often has the Bay County Court system illegally
harassed The Bikeman with "just to keep him out of the way" charges?
Take a look...

#   Case Number   Charge   Result
1   87006037MMMA      Disorderly Conduct   Dismissed
2   92005163MMMA   Littering/Trespass   Dropped
3 95003506MOMS Camping on Beach Dropped
4   96000554MMMO    Battery   Dropped
5   96008712MOMS   Possession of Alcohol   Dismissed
6   99001643MMMA   ROWV   Dismissed
7   99007499MMMA   Harassing Phone Call   Dismissed
8   00000382CFMA   Recording Conversation   Dismissed
9   00000123MMMA   Harassing Phone Call        Dropped
10   01000958MMMO   Harassing Phone Call        Dropped
11   02008959MMMA   Trespassing   Dropped
12   02008959MMMA      Recording Conversation   Dismissed
13   03000972MMMA   Disorderly Conduct   Dropped
14   03000972MMMA   ROWV   Dropped
15   03005754MMMA   Trespassing   Dropped
16   03005854MMMA   Disorderly Conduct   Dropped
17   03005854MMMA   ROWV   Dropped
18   05000558MMMA   Trespassing   Dismissed
19   05001685MOMS   Nuisance Ordinance   Dropped
20 07007860MMMO Battery Dropped
21   08034504TR   Obstructing Traffic   Not Guilty
22   11005681MMMA   Harassing Phone Call        Dropped
23   11002530CFMA   Dumping of Litter   Pending

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