The Panama City "Idiot Clownz" force has made yet another attempt to silence The Bikeman!
This time, they had Bikeman arrested under a false charge of "harassing telephone calls".  What
they failed to mention in their pseudo-clever cover story in the Panama City News Herald, was
that the only phone calls Bikeman had been making, were calls to the police department to
report a crime, which they FAILED to respond to.  This gave them enough time to ransack,
and destroy Bikeman's camp site. Even an attempt was made to dismember The Bikeman's
infamous "battle-ship bicycle".  In this photo "officer" Jason Bethlehem was caught off-guard
by a reporter

with a camera... fully documenting him and a fellow "officer" committing the crime of entering
Bikeman's home without warrant or permission to destroy all he, and his un-named associate
could find, belonging to The Bikeman.  But this isn't where the story ends. Next in this saga,
The Bikeman demands a speedy trial, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, followed by a
Jury trial being set for July 26, 2011.  Then after a few days of panic, the State Attorney's office
issues a notice of NO INFORMATION in this case, denying The Bikeman his day in court.
According to Assistant State Attorney, Ms. Lauren Brudnicki, "The Defendant's calls to the
Bay County Sheriff's Department, while annoying, were intended to serve the legitimate purpose
of filing noise complaints against vehicles that were playing loud music".  If that were TRULY
the case, this raises further questions....

If the calls were legitimate, why did they not respond in a
professional manner, and DO something?
Why is the "Idiot Clownz" force committing these acts of
terrorism, instead of doing their job?
Do the Panama City police department, and State Attorney's
 office only consider terrorism "annoying"?
Will The Bikeman be remunerated for all the cell minutes he
 used to try and stop a crime without results?
Will The Bikeman receive an apology from the police
 department for falsely accusing him?
Will the guilty be fired for not doing their job?  Or will they
 just get a slap on the wrist?

See the fraudulent
"discovery" document.
Hear the dramatic audio tapes of Bikeman's attempt
to thwart terrorism, and his
subsequent arrest !!!
See the data from the court case
  See the article in the
Panama City News Herald.