Idiot Clownz Force Makes
2nd Attempt At Revenge On Bikeman

The next in what seems like a series of attempts of  revenge on The Bikeman has taken place... this time, they
are calling it "Felony Littering in Excess of 500 Pounds".... Have you ever heard of such a load of crap?

Seems like the only littering being done is by the Idiot Clownz force, when they pile this load of garbage on
The Bikeman.  This new wave of REVENGE HARASSMENT ARRESTS just goes to show...
the Idiot Clownz force is trapped in a corner, and just like a cornered animal, they attack. In this case, the attack is on Bikeman!  What has he done?  He tried to protect his fellow Americans!

Think about what they're alleging here... they're trying to claim that a homeless man has done over 500
pounds of littering.... this is totally ABSURD, as he doesn't even have that much stuff, or a place to put it.

The Idiot Clownz need to be stopped... they're wasting precious county funding on harassing a homeless
man, and covering up their long list of crimes.  And whatcha want to bet that just before it comes to trial,
the whole thing gets dismissed, and yet another "NO EVIDENCE" letter is issued.  The Bikeman will
be denied his Constitutionally guaranteed "swift and speedy trial" once again.
View count case document HERE