Is This The Ultimate Panama City, Florida,
 Idiot Clownz Arrest Trophy?

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1 what kind of programing is done to a person who has 2 good working legs to where they would further pile more mi$ery on a permenantly wheel chair bound unfortunate?  2 what exactly does good moral chacter mean, as a socaled qualification, to become a panama city florida cop,  3 does that mean dont question orders no mater how, redicilous, questionable  dusgusting to the average person, do they learn it at the cop training acadaMY, OR ARE THEY TOLD TO FORGET EVERYTHING THEY LEARNED, AN NOW WE WILL SHOW HOW ITS SUPOSED TO BE DONE

   4 just where do they advertise to get someone who would have no mercy on someone who can never walk  again, to take away their fredom, put them in a horable place where you dont know if the next hour you might not make it 

5 on top of that would not let the acused have the right not privlage to preserve their freshest side writen in their own hand riting, favorable evidence, witneses, 6 on top of that if the acused insist on maintaining their inocence they could rot in jail for momths,  7 on top of that they aint intrested  in the truth just a cop out plea   8 an if you got a real strong case you never go to a socaled guaranted jury trial  9 to ad further insult to injury  ifa cop is acused or arested they have the florida policemans bill of rights, that requires all interogations, questioning shall all be recorded, their side shal be perserved, an that just a start for their rights the average us american never gets   10 its one thing to have 2  good working legs, but just what kind of everyday hardships did my wheelchair friend have to go through, like a never ending horor movie you cant ever turn off, constant pain, pain when the weather changes, not geting to the bathroom quick enough, an if you do not being the right size, door to narow, hight not right, no ramp to even be able to get to the bathroom, being asked busy body questions, where they just wanna pass the time but wont help in your strugles, an god help you if you hit a pot hole an you fal on your side, you cant run to avoid a uneasy situation, an i have 2 good working legs 11 just how much of a low life has to destroy their conscience to not have compasion for someone who will be at a severe disadvantage for  the rest of their life,  12 an would not have extra understyanding an compasion an realize they would likely be more "crakny" complaining than the average person with 2 legs,

13 why was this person forced to be outside in the rain an cold when there was a mi$$ion in town, was he going to grow his legs back, was he asking embarasing questions, standing up for a god given right, an how many people have been jailed by the mi$$ion where the cop hate crime victim$ were not given equal voice to perserve their side, which would have had the one who caled the cop$ thrown in jail for caling in a false call, which is never done when a bu$ine$$ does the caling   14 is there a desired profile trait, aditude, to deside if they are worth further programing?  15 is this not the same way ss german guards were trained, programed, brainwashed, to just obey orders, an dont question anything, when they slaughtered beging, screaming, crying, naked defenseless holocost victime?   16 will they folow orders no mater how repulsiven disgusting to get rank? roiling"  5 has the potential of making you very unpopular with the wel conected   6 going to cop $hop to find out how many homeless, poor questionably jailed  7 stickin around to witness questionable cop shake down cause they can get away with it 7 going to govt meetings to bring up an stop questionable bad treatment of the least in our society,   8 activly doing action to stop media glamorizing violence, stealing, murder   9 sleep in the woods to experience being jailed stay till you get a socaled jury trial for months if posible  10  ask the least things they are harased about, or jailed for an chalanging it 11 when it comes to your atention by either news papers, tv, word of mouth things aint right not waiting for a group, or when things are safe to act on stoping it


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